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Richard Massy Yeilding, Jr., sold his holdings in Batavia, New York and, in the Fall of 1855, moved his family to Grant Co.,  Wisconsin.There they set up a plot of land near the Blue River and the new town of Muscoda.  Richard continued his profession of Veterinary Medicine while his sons, William and Alexander farmed.  Later Alexander would try his hand at merchandising.


It is not clear whether this land was Richard or William Massy's.  William moved here with his father, Richard, mother, Margaret, and brother, Alexander.  Here he married Mary Jane Wakeman.  Family lore says he married first, a Sue or Susan, but no other trace of her or a first marriage for William has been found.  Could this memory of a Sue or Susan have been Richard Jr.'s first wife and not William's?  That sometimes happens in "family lore".

Some time around 1857, older half brother, Richard Massy III, travelled to Wisconsin from Detroit with his wife Elizabeth and their first child, William.  William was about 3 years old at the time and Elizabeth may have been pregnant, because while in Wisconsin she delivered her second child, another boy, Charles.

1. William Massy Yeilding. Son of Richard Massy Jr. Yeilding Dr. & Margaret Blake. Born 1835 in Quebec, Canada "Canada East". Died 1901 in Logan, Barton Co., Kansas. Buried 1901 in Chase Springdale Cemetary.


    He married Mary Jane WAKEMAN, daughter of Bradley WAKEMAN & Maria EDWARDS, 20 May 1856 in Muscoda, Grant Co., Wisconsin. Born 3 Sep 1832 in Laceyville, Wyoming, Pennsylvania. Died 29 Sep 1885 in Wyoming Co.,  Pennsylvania. Buried 1885 in LACEY STREET CEMETERY, Laceyville, Wyoming Co. PA. They were divorced Before 1885.

    They had the following children:


            2       i.      Fred B. YEILDING

            3       ii.     Marie W. Yeilding

            4       iii.    Bradley W. Yeilding


 Second Generation



2. Fred B. YEILDING. Son of William Massy Yeilding & Mary Jane WAKEMAN. Born 15 Jul 1857 in Laceville, Wyoming Co., Penn. Occupation Farmer.


    He married Mary H.. Born 1876 in Penn.


3. Marie W. Yeilding. Daughter of William Massy Yeilding & Mary Jane WAKEMAN. Born 4 Feb 1863 in Grant Co., Wisconsin.


    She married Grant Pace, son of Hiram Cleveland Pace & Frank E. Beers, 31 Aug 1885 in Laceyville, Wyoming Co., Pennsylvania. Born 18 May 1867 in Tunkhannock, Wyoming, Penn.


4. Bradley W. Yeilding. Son of William Massy Yeilding & Mary Jane WAKEMAN. Born 22 Jun 1870 in Laceville, Wyoming Co., Penn.


    He married Frances M., Before 1903 in Laceville, PA. Born 1881 in Wyoming Co., Pennsylvania.

    They had the following children:


            5       i.      Fred Charles Yeilding