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Athea, Ballyhahill, Path in Glensharrold, View from Top of Rooska



Glenastar Lodge, near Carrigkerry, built by the Yeilding's about 1830.  Held by William R. Yeilding in fee at the beginning of the 1850s and valued at 7.5 shillings. The residence of Richard M. Yeilding in 1814. Residence of John Yeilding in 1853 when Glensharrold was sold to Mr. Christopher Delmedge of Castle Park.

Photos curtesy of Margaret Ahern 

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Glenastar Lodge.jpg


 Athea Village

    Village of Athea about five

    miles from Glensharrold.




Source: Woulfe Family Homepage:




Village of Ballyhahill

on the northern edge of Glensharrold.








A shady path in Glensharrold.




 Rooska, view from top near Glensharrold.



view from the top

near Glensharrold.






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