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How the Yeildings dispursed in North America

The Yeilding's came to North American in two waves.  The first to arrive were the Yeilding's of North Carolina sometime prior to the Revolutionary War.  They most likely came from either the area of Sussex, England around the village of Battle, or from Limerick/Kerry region of Ireland.  After arriving in North Carolina they scattered throughout the South.  This branch of the family is well covered on Marlene Yielding McCormick's wonderful "Yeilding/Yielding/Mills" site at: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Oracle/1422/

The second wave sailed from County Limerick, Ireland about 1830.  Richard Massy Yeilding, 30, his brother Agar, 16, and Richard's imfant son, Richard, 2, sailed from Limerick with, as my greatuncle Walter used to recount, "a ship load of goods" to their new home, Lower Canada (Quebec).  Why Uncle Walter was unaware of Richard's son being with the party is curious.  The exact ages and their date of departure is unclear since no records have been found, but they are approximately correct.  I assume that Richard Massy's wife (name unknown) must have died during or shortly after the birth of their son.  She could have died on the voyage over however, that seems to be something that would have been passed down by the family.

Marlene and I have tried to link these two branches back to their common roots, but so far have been unable to do so.