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Glen Sharrald 1880 Map Here is an 1880 map showing the town of Glen Sharrald on the border of Kansas counties Rice and Barton.  Note that the town of Chase is not shown and  was not established until 1881 when the rail line was completed from Lyons to Great Bend.

In 1873 the Yeilding's sold their property in Wisconsin and set out for Kansas.  In Rice County, Kansas, the A.T. &SF Railroad had just opened up millions of acres of prime farm land at around $2 per acre.  They arrived at their new home November 19, 1873, perhaps with just enough time to establish some sort of living quarters before the hard Kansas winter set in. This was the Glen Sharrold Post Office from 1874-1887.  Postmaster: Richard Massy Yeilding.  Thus, his mailing address would have been, P.O. Glen Sharrald.  Located on a convenient crossing of Cow Creek, the Yeilding's may have gambled that Glen Sharrald would have been an ideal site for a road link between rail stations at Ellsworth and Great Bend.

In 1870 (prior to the rail road's arrival) only 5 people lived in Rice County, but by 1875 almost 2500 lived there.  Even so, the railroad through Lyons to Great Bend was not completed until 1880 (although the more southern line through Hutchinson to Great Bend was completed in 1872).  Thus, the city of Chase was not founded until late 1880 and early 1881.  The Yeilding's were really on the leading edge of the frontier.  Buffalo and local Indian tribes still roamed the area.  

The 1883 Cutler's History of Kansas had this to say about Chase, A.T. Yeilding', and his store:

    This early 1900's photo is believed to be of

    A.T. Yeilding's store a few years after his death and it's selling.A.T.'s Store


    "Chase is a thriving little place - the station eight miles west of Lyons. It was located in August, 1880, just after the  railroad had been built through that locality. Its population is estimated at about 150. Around it is a fine farming country,  beautiful to behold. It does a good business with the farming population surrounding it. Huston & Store, and Dr. Spiers keep the two drug stores of the place. A. T. Yeilding has a well supplied and well patronized general store. J. M. Chatten & Sons deal in lumber. The town is building up very rapidly.

    "A. T. YIELDING, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hats, caps, boots, shoes and Yankee notions, Chase. He opened trade in Chase January 15, 1883; occupies a store 22x48 feet, and carries a general stock of $5,000. He came to Rice County, Kansas, November 19, 1873 (In those early days it was extremely unsafe for travelers to wander outside of civilization, as there were outlaws nearly always seeking whom they could plunder and rob), and followed agricultural pursuits until he began trade. Born in Batavia, Genesee County, N. Y., 1845, where he lived until twelve years old, then went with parents to Fennimore Centre, Grant Co., Wis., where he farmed some time and followed merchandising seven years.  Thence came to Kansas. Married, 1877, to Miss May Agnes Greenless (sic), a native of Illinois. They have three children - Charlie, Richard, and a son not yet named (Arthur Tallis). He has served as School District Clerk of his township (Farmer) seven years. "

This photo below was taken July, 2001 and shows

what remains of Glen Sharrald, Farmer Township,

Rice County, Kansas as it appears today.

Glen Sharrald, Kansas - July, 2001  

Richard Massy died on 12 August, 1892 at the age of 92.  Margaret died the year before at the age of 81.  A.T. Yeilding died, according to his daughter Lillian, in 1897. This left his wife Mary Agnes widowed with 6 children, and aging parents.  She was a founding member of the Presbyterian Church in Chase, and a lifelong active church member/worker.  She left Chase in 1899 with her parents and children, and moved to Weatherford, Indian Territory.  In 1903 the family moved to Lawton, near Ft. Sill.  And in 1907 moved again with her children and parents to Oklahoma City.  They lived north of 23rd St. just off Robinson Ave, one of the main streets to Oklahoma City, which at the time had streets of dirt/mud with wooden sidewalks.  In 1912 they settled in Temple, Cotton Co., were Mary, and many of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are buried.



First Generation:




1. Richard Massy Jr. Yeilding Dr. Son of Richard Massy Yeilding & Frances (Fannie) Eagar (Agar). Born 3 Apr 1800 in Glensharrold, Co. Limerick, Ireland. Died 12 Aug 1892 in Chase, KS. Buried 1892 in Chase Springdale Cemetery. Occupation Phys&Vet. Surgeon, Glen Sharrald Post Master (1874-87), farmer. Education Probably schooled in Limerick, Ireland. Religion Anglican.


    He married Margaret Blake, daughter of Thomas Blake & Margaret Nelson, About 1834 in Quebec, Canada East. Born 1810 in Ireland. Died 1891 in Chase, KS. Buried 1891 in Chase Springdale Cemetery.

    They had the following children:


            2       i.      William Massy Yeilding

            3       ii.     (Fannie) Belinda Fancy Annabella Yeilding

            4       iii.    Alexander Tallis Yeilding


 Second Generation



2. William Massy Yeilding. Son of Richard Massy Jr. Yeilding Dr. & Margaret Blake. Born 1835 in Quebec, Canada "Canada East". Died 1901 in Logan, Barton Co., Kansas. Buried 1901 in Chase Springdale Cemetery.


    He first married Mary Jane WAKEMAN, daughter of Bradley WAKEMAN & Maria EDWARDS, 20 May 1856 in Muscoda, Grant Co., Wisconsin. Born 3 Sep 1832 in Laceyville, Wyoming, Pennsylvania. Died 29 Sep 1885 in Wyoming Co.,  Pennsylvania. Buried 1885 in Lacey Street Cemetery, Laceville, Wyoming Co. PA.  

    They had the following children:


            5       i.      Fred B. YEILDING

            6       ii.     Marie W. Yeilding

            7       iii.    Bradley W. Yeilding

    He second married Susie Anna Blazier, 20 July 1896 . She was 28 years old at the time.



3. (Fannie) Belinda Yeilding. Daughter of Richard Massy Jr. Yeilding Dr. & Margaret Blake. Born Jun 1837 in Quebec, Canada "Canada East". Died in Chase, KS. Never married.  Buried in Unknown.


4. Alexander Tallis Yeilding. Son of Richard Massy Jr. Yeilding Dr. & Margaret Blake. Born 17 Aug 1838 in Batavia, Genesee Co., NY. Died 1897 in Rice Co., KS. Buried 1897 in Rice Co, Kansas? Salem or Springdale Cemetery?. Occupation Farmer until 1883, Merch. "A.T. Yeilding General Store".  Named after his Great Grandfather, Alexander Tallis Eagar, Kerry. Religion Presbyterian.


    He married Mary Agnes Greenlees, daughter of Andrew G. Greenlees & Lucy Jane Powers, 20 Jun 1877 in Atlanta Township (Lyons), Rice Co., KS. Born 21 Mar 1861 in Ottawa, La Salle Co., IL. Died 28 Sep 1940 in Temple, Cotton Co., OK. Buried 1940 in Temple Memorial Cemetery, Temple, OK. Religion Presbyterian.

    They had the following children:


            8       i.      Charles William Yeilding

            9       ii.     Richard Andrew Yeilding

            10      iii.    Arthur Tallis Yeilding Dr.

            11      iv.     John Chester Yeilding

            12      v.      Lillian Mary Greenlees Yeilding

            13      vi.     Howard Greenlees Yeilding

            14      vii.    Walter Archie Yeilding