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William R. Yeilding (named afte his great grandfather), Richard Jr's cousin, and son of Hugh Massy Yeilding (b. 1812), joined the British military and was in India during the 2nd Afghan War.  Here are some of the tracks left by William, his wife, Anna Fitzgerald, and their daughter, Eileen Geraldine.


William R. Yeilding Col.

    Who’s Who, 1900 – Great Britain


    Yeilding, Colonel William Richard


    D.S.O., 1891; C.I.E. 1895; C. B. 1908; late Indian Army, born 13 Jan. 1856; eldest son of late Hugh Yeilding, Woodlands, Tarbert, County Kerry, Ireland, married Theresa, daughter of late Richard Magrath-Fitz-Gerald. Entered 54th Regiment, 1876, transferred to B.S.C. (now Indian Army), 1879, Lt. – Col. 1902; Bt. Col. 1904. Substantive-Col. 1905;served in Afghan War, 1879-80 with 1st Sikhs and 5th Gurkas, at Jellalabad and Kabul, in march from Kabul to Kadahar, and at battle of Kandahar (medal with clasp and bronze star); with Mari Expedition, 1880 – with Mahsud-Wazari Expedition, 1881, in Hazara Campaign, 1888 (dispatches, medal with clasp. D.S.O. in Tirah Campaign and Bazar Valley Expedition, 1897-8 (dispatches, medal, clasp Bt. Col): employed on special duty in Kashmir, 1892-97 (thanked by Government of India, and Home Government, CIE) ; held various administrative appointments in the Supply and Transport Corps, 1902-8, retired. 1910,  Address, 2 Kent Gardens, Ealing, Wales.

————————————————————————————————————————An Officer's Home, Merrut, Bengal, India 1880

Birth:  January 13, 1856  Place:  Woodlands, Tarbert, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Father: Hugh Massy Yeilding b. about 1812,Co. Limerick, Ireland

Mother: Mrs. Hugh Massy(b. abt 1813)


Marriage:       1881    Place:  Merrut, Bengal, India


Wife:   Anna M. T.(J.) Fitzgerald


Birth:  13 Sep 1856     Place:  *

Christen:       18 Mar 1857     Place:  Black Town, Madras, Tamil Nadu, India*

Occupation:     *This person is listed as Ann Maria Janette Fitzgerald.

Father: Charles John Fitzgerald

Mother: Mary Janette




1. F Child:     Eileen Geraldine Yeilding

Birth:  1883    Place:  Punjab, India


    Ellis Island Records:  5'5¼", brown hair, brown eyes, In 16 Aug 1912 Eileen Geraldine Yeilding traveled through Ellis Island on her way to 16 Cliff Street, Ottawa, Canada to visit her "friend, Mr. F. Percy Aylwin"  She had never been to the US before.*

    Mrs. F. Percy Aylwin (Clara Eugene Hollingsworth) was a Yeilding cousin.


      The Fitzgeralds.

      "The Fitzgeralds took lands in Limerick and north Kerry, founding the town of Tralee in 1216. Like all the Norman families, the Fitzgeralds were enthusiastic patrons of the church and the great European monastic orders were invited to Ireland to open houses in those areas under Norman control. The Dominicans were invited to Tralee and their priory was opened in the town in 1243. By 1450 they were Earls of Desmond, controlling a vast amount of territory throughout Munster.




British officers and NCO's of a cannon battery in India about 1880.

William R. Yeilding was there at this time...




A wedding party in Madras about 1880. Not Yeilding's but their's must have looked similar

Marriages in Bengal, India*


William R.



Anna M. T.


.*Son of Hugh Massy Yeilding(1812-?).










 Source of Photos:



                    Photo of group at Merrut: A. Wright. C.S., Maj. Ross. R.E.,Miss G. Campbell, Col. Campbell 30th P.N.J.

                    Mrs. Ross, Lt. Col. Strawberie. R.H.A., Miss Campbell, Miss Bright, Lt. Gunning. D.L.J., Miss [?], Mrs. Brunker, Mrs. Duperiere, Mrs. Strawberie