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Glensharrold was so beloved by the Yeilding's, Agar named his home in Ottawa after it, and Richard Massy named his settlement and US Post Office on the Kansas Frontier, Glen Sharrald.  So where is Glensharrold?

The country road shown in red below runs from Listowel to Rathkeale to Limerick City.  The blue grid lines are 1000 meter squares, or about 250 acreas each.  Carrigkerry is 1 mile from Glensharrold and 5 miles from Rathkeale (to the right).

"Carrigkerry derives its name from Carraig Chiarrai the rock of the Ciarrai, the people from whom the neighbouring county of Kerry takes its name. In the 1830’s the road to Athea which runs past the Catholic Church and the old school house had not been constructed and the road to Ardagh followed the line of "Buck’s Hill" road. All of the other public roads followed much the same routes as they do today.

"In 1831 the village contained 93 persons in 16 houses and was little more than a townland. By 1891 37 people lived there in seven houses. By 1911 Carrigkerry contained fifty people in ten houses.

"The townland of Glensharrold is situated about three miles north west of Ardagh village and is about 800 feet above sea level. It contains 4000 statute acres of land. The townland is divided into two parts by the White river which rises in the townland of Kerikyle and flows west through Glensharrold and then turns northwards to flow into the Shannon at Loughill. The portion of the townland on the north side of the river is known as lower Glensharrold, on the southside of the river the remainder is known as upper Glensharrold. There is a vast tract of bogland in upper Glensharrold known as Scotland bog most all householders in the townland own a plot of bog in the mountain which at one time they paid dearly" AS DÚCHAS DÓCHAS WEBSITE

Griffith's Land Valuation 1848-1864

Richard Massy Yeilding, Glensharrold, Kilcolman Parish, & Rathronan Parish, Co. Limerick.

Richard Massy Yeilding, Knockfinnisk, Dunmoylan, Co. Limerick

Glensharrold in relation to Limerick City, Rathkeale, and Listowel.

Limerick Road Map by MultiMap