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This was about the time of the Canadian Rebellion, December, 1837.  Many Canadians involved in the Rebellion fled Canada to Buffalo and the surrounding area to escape persecution at the hands of the British.  It was also the time when the Holland Land Office (in Batavia, NY) was selling off its holdings and closing its offices.  Perhaps a go


In late 1837 or early 1838 Richard Jr., his wife Margaret, their two children, William Massey and Fanny Annabella, and Richard Jr's son from his first marriage, Richard 3rd, moved from either Montreal or the Ottawa area (known at that time as Bytown) to Batavia, New York.  Shortly after their arrival Alexander Tallis was born.


 About 1855 the Yeilding's moved from New York to Grant County, Wisconsin.  The settled on land near the Blue River and a town called Muscoda.  Richard Jr. reported on the 1860 census that he was a physician, Alexander and Willima Massy farmed.  It was reported that some time before leaving Wisconsin, Alexander tried his hand at merchandising, something he would try again in Kansas.


Rice County, Kansas 1872By the Fall of 1873 the family was ready to move on again.  William and his family purchased land in Barton Co., KS, just up Cow Creek from the rest of the family.  Alexander and the rest of the family bought land in Rice Co.,  Kansas where the rail roads had just opened up new land for settling.  In just a few years this area would be dotted with new towns with names like: Kansas Centre, New Cincinnati, Wildwood, Green Valley, Prosper, and Glen Sharrald.